These songs serve as cautionary tales, and a call to action based upon the impact of heroin, cocaine, hallucinogens and alcohol on the African American community during various eras. We invite you to email us the names of additional songs you believe should be added to the list.

Gil Scott Heron- Angel Dust

James Brown- King Heroin

Gil Scott-Heron - The Bottle

Freedie's Dead- Curtis Mayfield

Public Enemy- Night of the Living Basehead


Public Enemy- 1 Million Bottlebags

Alfred 'Coach' Powell- Weed

Outkast- Git Up, Git Out
A message to individuals who sit on the couch and smoke marijuana all day

De La Soul- My Brother's A Basehead
Story of a man who lost his body, soul and respect to crack cocaine

Grandmaster Flash- White Line
An Anti-Heroin Song

N.W.A. - Dope Man
Describes the desperate things people do to buy cocaine


Notorious BIG- 10 Crack Commandments
Describes how hard it is to succeed as a street drug dealer

MC Jazzy Jeff- King Heroin
A warning against Heroin Use

Run-DMC- Pause
A warning to African Americans to stop smoking cocaine

Trae Tha Truth- Getting High
He lists the many reasons smoking marijuana is not right for him



Kool Moe Dee- Monster Crack
Describes the negative consequences of crack cocaine use

MC Lyte- I Cram to Understand U (Sam)
She thought her boyfriend was having an affair, but he was spending his money on crack cocaine. This suggests that addiction can destroy trust and relationships.

Too Short- Girl (That's Your Life)
The artist describes how cocaine destroys individuals and communities


Doug E. Fresh- Nuthin'
Speaks out against cocaine selling in the black community

Biz Markie- Things get a little easier
Describes the consequences of cocaine and other drug use

The Dogs- Your Mama's on crack rocks
Illustrates the impact of parental crack cocaine use on African American Children


Luther Allison- Cherry Red Wine
Told from a husbands point of view the song highlights his concern that his wife's drinking is destroying their relationship and his fear that continued drinking could lead to premature death.

Wyclef Jean- Gone till November
This song tells the story about the impact of a drug dealers life on partners and spouses.