Dr. Carl C. Bell is an innovative practitioner and pioneer in the prevention of fetal alcohol syndrome in the African American Community and intervention strategies. To learn more about his work you can read the articles below.


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Context Matters by Carl C. Bell, M.D.

Three Evidence-based Studies Show That Perinatal Choline Supports Proper Neurodevelopment in Fetuses by Carl C. Bell, M.D.

Case Report- Fetal Alcohol Exposure by Carl C. Bell, M.D.

This fascinating case report by Dr. Carl C. Bell, Professor of Psychiatry and Public Health at the University of Illinois, Chicago highlights a clinical case of a child who was exposed to alcohol as a fetus, and, who as a result, developed learning and behavioral problems. Bell goes on to explore the idea of using bio-technical strategies to ameliorate problematic behaviors that are generally attributed to hildren who were exposed to alcohol early on in their development.

Commentary on the Usefulness of Clinical Research by Carl C. Bell, M.D.

In this article Dr. Carl C. Bell focuses on evaluating the status of clinical research.

High Rates of Neurobehavioral Disorder Associated with Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol amoung African Americans Driven by the Plethora of Liquor Stores in the Community by Carl C. Bell, M.D.

Abstract: This short communication highlights the need to screen for and identify the new DSM-5 proposed criteria of Neurobehavioral Disorders associated with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure (ND-PAE). Emerging research has demonstrated that there are populations that are at a higher risk for this disorder owing to their social circumstances, i.e. the plethora of liquor stores in their community. On-point prevalence study found that low-income African-Americans have rates of ND-PAE at 388/1,000. Over the counter nutraceuticals are proposed as a possible protective factor against some of the challenges that ND-PAE poses for the patients that are unfortunate enough to be afflicted from prenatal alcohol exposure.

Prenatal Vitamins Deficient in Recommended Choline Intake for Pregnant Women by Carl C. Bell and Jessie Aujla

This study examines the choline content found in the top 25 prenatal multivitamins to see if they contain the daily- recommended intake of choline for a pregnant woman.

AMA’s stance on choline, prenatal vitamins could bring ‘staggering’ results

Strategies Emerge To Combat Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure by Carl Bell, MD

The article focuses on the use of Choline with pregnant African American Women to reduce the risk of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome